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 Direct fighting woodworm.

 The ultimate solution for the bug.

  When valuable or fragile items, which is not possible to move from the area located, attacked by woodworm, we have the expertise and the equipment to disinfestation immediately using safe and non-toxic methods.



  If your site is infected with a bug, we have the ultimate solution. The superheated dry steam generator uses only water!
In the hands of skilled technician, frees you from the most troublesome and persistent insect, the bug, without being obliged to leave or take precautions. The same applies to bacteria, fungi and mites!


 Solutions for professionals.

We provide a guarantee. If you follow our guidelines during our visit, we guarantee the effectiveness of the application.
If that does not work, and the planned actions have been carried out, we will return without being charged.




  Catering companies, hotels, kindergartens, enterprises of health interest, warehouses and many other professionals find in us a reliable collaborator.
Through a fixed-term contract, we offer special discounted prices, prompt response to emergency problem, update staff on health related issues, a certificate according to law.




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We apply with great success disinfectant solutions in apartment buildings and residential complexes at special discounted prices.
We are located within 24 hours to any part of Eastern Crete (Heraklion and Lassithi) to your immediate convenience.